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What Is Reflective Sheeting?

 What is reflective sheeting? The reflective sheeting film is mainly used to keep traffic safe, with reflective features and self-adhesive side, can be used for screen print, digital print, UV print, plotter cut, and hot stamping, embossing.  Reflective sheeting is different from a reflective fabric, it is mainly applied outdoor. You can see them on […]

Hydro Dipping How Does It Works?

 Hydro Dipping How Does It Works? Water transfer printing is a revolutionary surface treatment technology, can print various designs on the complicated curved product surface, thus more popular than the traditional printing technology. How does water transfer printing works? The principle is to print the texture design on the specially processed polymer film, then place it […]

Why Window Tinting?

As a mobility tool, the car is coming into many families. How to maintain your vehicle is a popular topic all the time. In this way, the window tint film is a protective film for car, which is also important for your car and your safety. Let’s know more about the functions of car vinyl […]

Why Double Veneer Wardrobes ?

Why Double Veneer Wardrobes? Double veneer wardrobes have the same designs’ decorative paper on both sides, not only has the resistance features but also give you a good feel in same design compared with the wardrobes which have wood design outside but white color inside.  The advantages of double veneer wardrobes Double veneer wardrobes are […]

What are the functions and requirements of flame retardant reflective fabrics?

What are the functions and requirements of flame retardant reflective fabrics?  For non-frontline workers, perhaps in our daily life, we have less knowledge and attention on flame-retardant reflective fabrics, reflective materials, and other information. At most, we can see clothing with reflective fabrics. So what are flame-retardant reflective fabrics? What are the functions and requirements?   […]

The principle of 3M reflective material

The principle of 3M reflective material The 3M reflective material products are around our life, you can find them everywhere in the poor lighting environment, such as reflective raincoats, safety vests, reflective shoes, reflective helmets, etc.  All of them show high brighter visibility than their surroundings, do you know why it is so eye-catching in […]

How to clean reflective material?

 How to clean reflective material? Actually, I don’t suggest you wash the reflective material frequently, it will make some miro glass beads fall off during the washing process, then weak the reflective effect of the material, thus you need to reduce the washing times for your reflective product. If your reflective material is dirty, please don’t […]

How does reflective material works?

 How does reflective material works? Reflective materials are applied in our surroundings, you can see reflective material from the highway signs, road signs, construction zone, and construction work clothing, traffic police clothing, even display on the bike, truck body, graphic on the garment, helmet or shoes. They are very eye-catching, have high brightness at night, […]

What Is Car Color Changing Film?

What Is Car Color Changing Film?  Car color-changing film is also called car wrap, is a kind of stretchable plastic vinyl wrap for car body, can change the color of the car body, makes your car look like a new one, and change a new style at small budget. Therefore, car body wrap is very […]

What Is Reflective Fabric?

What Is Reflective Fabric? Reflective fabric is a kind of cloth that is used for clothing marking,  its application looks like the common fabric for clothing, but the reflective fabric has retroreflective features, can reflect the lighting from original light, to enhance the visibility of someone who wears the reflective clothing.  Thus the reflective fabric […]

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