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Why Need Different Reflective Vest?

 Why Need Different Reflective Vest? We often see front-line staff wearing reflective vests, some wearing yellow reflective clothing, some wearing reflective vests with red reflective logos, and black reflective clothing. Why does reflective clothing have such a color classification? Let’s know the answer to the below case:     Different Color Reflective Vest The composition of […]

What Is Reflective Sheeting?

 What Is Reflective Sheeting? Reflective sheeting is a kind of thick layer film with micro glass beads or artificial prisms on the surface. The surface layers of micro glass beads and prisms are used to achieve the retro-reflective function.  How does reflective sheeting work  When there is a light on the surface of reflective sheeting, […]

What Is Safety Sign?

 What Is Safety Sign? Safety signs are an essential part of any industrial environment, and if not used correctly can put workers and others at risk. The most common standards for industrial safety signs are ANSI and OSHA. It is important to comply with these regulations and standards for your safety sign. The following are […]

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