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Fully Introduction of Hydro dipping

 What is Hydro dipping?

Hydro dipping is a kind of printing technology, also called water transfer printing technology, can print the image on kinds of daily necessities, to decorate the products beautifully, so that we can enhance the value of these daily necessities. About the principle of hydro dipping, you can visit my blog: How Hydro Dipping Works

I think you will say, we also have the printing technology, but why hydro dipping technology, what advantages of hydrographic painting. I will show you in the following article.

Needs a big investment or not?

Less budget for hydro dipping:

Hydro dipping is a kind of customized printing technology, not only just factory can do hydro dipping for the big production of items, anyone can do DIY hydro dipping at home on a small budget, or small hydro dipping business. 
The basic kits of hydro dipping are these:  the hydrographic film, activator, spray gun, primer, free water, and your hydro dipping kit such as a plastic cup.

As I know, the hydrographic film can be sealed by 1sqm or 1meters, the 1L activator can be used for 25sqm water transfer printing film. 

0.5*1m hydro dip film can do hydro dipping for 5 cups.
25sqm = 1m*25meters=0.5m*50meters = 250 cups.
But the printed hydro dipping cup can enhance about 7 times the value of the cup.
PS: if you don’t have a spray gun and no budget for this, you can use a spray bottle for hair to replace the spray gun, but just can be used for small items.
So what a small budget of hydro dipping and big income from hydro dipping?
The answer is no problem, but the premise is that you can do hydro dipping well, less poor quality hydro dipping products. 
So if you are interested in learning how to do hydro dipping, please visit my other blogs: How to do hydro dipping rims at home,

Application of Hydro dipping

Many materials can be dipped by water transfer printing film

1. Ceramic

Hydro dipping for the ceramic cup, bowl, artwork, rim, etc.

2. Glass

Hydro dipping for glass cup, craft, makeup box etc.

3. Plastic

Hydro dipping for a phone case, gun, scooter, car dashboard, box etc plastic items,

4. Metal

Hydro dipping rim etc.

All of these materials above can be dipped by the hydrographic film, but you need to supply the relative primer on the items before hydro dipping.

Ceramic needs ceramic oil primer.

The glass needs a glass oil primer.

plastic needs plastic oil primer such as PP plastic needs PP primer, PE item needs PE oil primer, but the ABS plastic can be dipped directly with no primer.

 Anyway, if you are interested in customized hydro dipping painting, just do it.

If you want to open a hydro dipping business, the value of the beginning is small.


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