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How To Print Blank Hydrographic Film By Your Printer?

How To Print Blank Hydrographic Film By Your Printer?

Hydro dipping gets more and more popular worldwide, people are not met for finished design hydrographic film, they want their own design hydrographic film and print by themselves. Fortunately, you can print your hydrographic film at home by yourself. I will share with you how to do it in the following steps.
Firstly, you should prepare some objects: 
1. The normal blank hydrographic film, inkjet printer with water-based pigment ink, and activator A. 

2. Or eco-solvent printer with eco-solvent ink and special blank hydrographic film.
You only need to prepare one solution for them.
Secondly, you can connect your computer that has your design with your printer.

Thirdly, print your design on the normal blank film by the inkjet printer.
Or print your design on the special blank hydrographic film by the eco-solvent printer.
Fourthly, Apply activator A on the normal blank film to protect the ink.
For the special blank film printed by the eco-solvent printer no need for activator A to apply.
Finally, the normal printed blank film becomes a hydrographic film after dry out the activator, which can be dipped on items by the water transfer printing process.
The special printed blank film becomes a hydrographic film after printing.
Now, you can go to do water transfer printing, dip your product with your custom hydrographic film.


  1. well done you are doing great job.

  2. You will want to AVOID the Expression line of printers and any other printers using the dye-based Claria inks.In addition, any of the latex printers from HP will work very well for hydrographics. There are various ways to print Blank Hydrographic Film by your printer but which one is the straightforward click to learn more.

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