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How to Print Your Custom Hydrographic Film

 How to Print Your Custom Hydrographic Film?

As I know, Hydrographic films on the market are designed before selling, the all hydrographic film designs such as carbon fiber hydrographic film, wood grain hydrographic film, cartoon hydro dip film, camo hydro dipping film, tree water transfer printing film, flower hydrographic film, etc. 

But, if I want a custom hydrographic film with my own design, what should I do? Unique is always attractive, if you work in a hydro dipping business, then no need to worry about the other competitors bringing your dipping business.

Luckily! There are two solutions that can meet your requirement as below: 



The exclusive film is the unique hydrographic film for one brand, this way is always used for some hydrographic dipping business retailer and then shown on the website for online shipping, and this design is only supplied from hydro dipping retailers,  marked by hydrographic film factory, no right to sell to other buyers at all.

How to make your own exclusive hydrographic film?

Firstly, to find a reliable hydro dipping film factory that can make a hydrographic film plate for your own design, then compare with the price, effect, and min. order once production. 
Min. order is very important, once your plate is successful, but you no need such more hydrographic films once, it will waste your time.
PS: there will be a cost for a hydrographic film plate, and the price is according to the quantity of the color so that if you have many designs wants to produce, you can collect them on one pic, and produce them on one hydrographic film.

Secondly, to ask for shipping a hydrographic film sheet with your design to you, test the effect. Dipping the design on your cup, shoes, or other items to test the dipping effect.
I highly recommend you ask the hydrographic film sheet to do a test because the production has min. order, it seems 250sqm once.
Thirdly, to arrange the big production for your custom hydrographic film. 
Finally, this design is from you, so that the hydrographic film factory will not sell it to anyone, and you can order again after your inventory is out of the sale, no need to pay the plate cost next time, you can ask the hydro dip film factory to arrange shipment directly in the future.


If you want to make your own custom hydrographic film, but you are not working from a hydro dipping business, or you want to make so many custom hydro dip film, but you don’t have enough budget for big production up to 250sqm each pattern, there is a solution that is very suitable for you.

Custom Printing Process

Printing your custom hydrographic film on a hydro dip printer

a. Order hydro dip printer and blank water transfer printing film to make the custom hydrographic film by yourself

Blank Hydro Dip Film
If you want to work from the customized hydro dipping film business, I suggest you order both a hydro dip printer and blank hydrographic film, it will cost less than ordering the customized hydrographic film. Of course, this is for long-term development, you need to order customized hydrographic film firstly, and know more about it.
hydro dip printer

b. Find a hydro dip printer supplier and send the design to him for custom hydrographic film in small quantity.

If you want to have a special design, and dip on your guitar or motorcycle, you can find a hydro dip printer supplier online, and send your design to him for the custom hydrographic film. 

Big Hydro Dip Printer
As I know, the custom hydrographic from hydro dip printer is more expensive than the big production from hydrographic film factory, but it accepts small quantity, you can choose the suitable way according to your situation.
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