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How to Put Reflective Tape on Your Car?

How to Put Reflective Tape on Your Car

So you want to put reflective tape on your car, but how do you apply it? Here’s a guide. It explains the requirements, cost, and legality of using reflective tape on your car. You can also learn about the different ways you can put reflective tape on your car. After you’ve read this guide, you’ll be able to make the best decision on how to apply it on your vehicle.

Legality of reflective tape

The legality of reflective tape on cars varies depending on the state in which you live. Although reflective tape is permitted on any part of the car, it is not allowed on the windshield or side windows. The exception is for safety reasons. Here are some guidelines on how to apply reflective tape on cars. You can use a squeegee to apply reflective tape on your car. Hold the squeegee about an inch from the surface of your car. Press down on the point of the masking tape and slide it over the reflective tape in a controlled motion. Be sure to do this many times and in a long continuous movement.

Reflective tape on cars is legal as long as it does not emit blue light. The reflective tape can be applied to the car, secured with masking tape, and then removed. Among the types of reflective tape used, 3M tape features micro-prismatic technology. This innovative feature of 3M reflective tape produces bright retroreflectivity from a wide angle, improving visibility at night. In addition to increasing visibility, 3M tapes are also environmentally friendly.

Ways to apply it

There are various ways to apply reflective tape on your car. First, make sure your car is clean before applying the tape. Add a little bit of car-wash soap to water, and then wash away all the dirt and grime. After washing, rinse your car with clean water, then dry it with a clean cloth. After the car has dried completely, apply temporary reflective tape. The tape will stick to your car in a few minutes.

Reflective tape also helps avoid accidents by attracting attention from passing vehicles and pedestrians. You can also use it to mark mailboxes and landscaping islands. It will make it easier to see objects and drivers on the road, preventing accidents and injuries. For added safety, you can use reflective tape on your car to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers. For added protection, you can even use it for art installation.


Applying reflective tape on your car is an excellent way to make it more visible and safer. The cost of putting reflective tape on your car is minimal and you can choose a variety of placements. If you plan to place the reflective tape on your car for safety reasons, there are a few things you should consider. After all, you don’t want to endanger your own safety when you’re driving.

After you apply the reflective tape on your car, you can remove it easily. Most reflective tape is removed easily with a blow dryer or a sharp object. Typically, the reflective tape can last up to seven years. This type of tape can be used on any surface, including fiberglass, steel, and agricultural equipment. For the most reflective effects, choose a tape with a high-tech design. If you choose to use reflective tape on your car, you need to consider the cost and maintenance.

Requirements for applying it

Reflective tape is an inexpensive way to make your vehicle more visible. It also improves safety by improving visibility. You can use it in many ways to make your car more visible, such as changing the color or adding a design.

DOT (Domestic Organization for Transportation) retro-reflective tape has certain requirements. It has to be two inches wide and meet government regulations. DOT C2 is a popular type of reflective tape, but there are also some requirements for how it should be applied. If you do apply reflective tape to your car, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, you can apply it yourself with a tape dispenser.

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