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Hydro Dipping How Does It Works?

 Hydro Dipping How Does It Works?

Water transfer printing is a revolutionary surface treatment technology, can print various designs on the complicated curved product surface, thus more popular than the traditional printing technology.

How does water transfer printing works?

The principle is to print the texture design on the specially processed polymer film, then place it on the transfer machine, transfer the texture design on the product under the water pressure. After washing and dry out, supply the gloss painting, the printed product will show excellent visional effect.


1.  Can print design on the complicated shape 

Hydro dipping can print the design on the complex concave and convex appearances, aim to solve the printing problem for complicated shape products, which is a problem that can’t be solved by traditional printing technology. 
No matter pad printing, screen printing, surface coating, or other processes, they can’t print the design on the curved products. 

2. Can print design on the any materials

Hydro dipping is suitable for any material. The adhesion effect is not affected by the material of the product, so that the added value of the product can be significantly improved.


No gloss texture effect

There is one thing the hydro dipping also has an obvious disadvantage, water transfer printing is difficult to make a very strong gloss texture visual effect and touch.
Thus, we often supply gloss painting after drying out the hydro dipping products.

Hydro dipping machines

In total, water transfer printing is actually an assembly line printing process, used for big production in hydro dipping factories. 
It requires the following four devices to complete. They are:
1. Hydro dipping tank 
2. Spray Booth
3. Washing equipment
4. Drying equipment


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