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Pros and Cons Of Water Transfer Printing

With the continuous development of printing technology, we are not fixed on traditional printing, but get more printing choices to decorate our products in easier ways. Besides heat transfer technology, water transfer printing technology also is worth saying in the printing industry. Water transfer printing is a new change in the traditional printing industry, with the history of its development of text printing, and movable type printing … Until now, the emergence of digital water transfer printing of metal and plastic products, so water transfer printing has become more perfect.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of water transfer printing in the following now:


(1) Aesthetics: The water transfer printing film carries a kind of designs on the PVA film, these designs can be printed on the products to add their aesthetic, enhancing their value of them. You can be any natural pattern and photos, graphics file transfer on the product so that the product has the scenic colors you want.

(2) Innovative: The water transfer technology can print the design on the surface of products by hydrographic process, even if the shape surface is complex, with dead ends or other issues. That is a long-time problem that alsmost is impossible to achieve with traditional printing and thermal transfer, pad printing, and screen printing.

(3) Extensiveness: The hydro dipping film almost can be used on any hard surface, after you applying the based primer on the surface, then you can print the design on the surface with water transfer printing. It is suitable for printing on the surface of hardware, plastic, leather, glass, ceramics, wood, metal, and other products (cloth and paper are not applicable). Because of its beauty, extensiveness and innovation, it has a value-added effect on processed products.

(4) Personalization: Although the hydro dip film already exits the design on the based film, actually the designs can be customized by yourself. As you like, any pattern you can design.

If you are DIY lover, you can order blank hydrographic film to print by yourself, than apply activator A on the printed blank hydro dip film, if you are hydro dipping business owner, you can contact the hydrographic film supplier or factory to open a hydrographic design model for bulk customized hydrographic film production. So that you can print customized design on your products, then they are unique in the world, only from you.

(5) High efficiency: Different from traditional printing, the water transfer printing film is no need to make a model, you can print the design on the product immediately(the whole process can be completed in only 30 minutes, the most suitable for proofing).

If you want to dip bulk products, the hydrographic film also can be used with kinds of hydro-dipping machines to produce bulk quantity dipped items. The common hydro dipping equipment covers a hydro dipping tank, hydrographic rinse machine, hydro dipping drying machine, and spraying paint booth. According to your business scale, you can choose suitable hydrographic machines or upgrade hydrographic equipment. If you are confused with hydro-dipping equipment selections, please email us to get refers.


1> Water transfer technology brings a lot of pros for product printing, but it also has limitations, that is, it is easy to deform the transfer of graphics, which is related to the shape of the product and the size, but also with the nature of the water transfer film itself. At the same time, the more complex the process, the higher the price.

With the smaller size and simpler shape of products, the design deformation problem is small. Otherwise, you need to improve another part of hydro dipping to reduce this deformation problem.

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