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What are the requirements for reflective vests in various countries

What are the requirements for reflective vests in various countries

 Reflective vests have different requirements for the effect of reflective vests in each country.

 The style, design, reflective strips and implementation standards of reflective vests are different. The main body is made of mesh cloth or plain cloth, and the reflective material is reflective lattice or high-brightness reflective cloth.

The main types are polyester, polyester fluorescent, polyester highlight, polyester pvc lattice, polyester knitting, polyester woven, full polyester fluorescent mesh Fabric lattice, polyester fluorescent mesh cloth is bright, polyester fluorescent mesh cloth is bright, and polyester fluorescent bird’s eye.

It is mainly suitable for police officers, road administrators, traffic directors, road maintenance personnel, motor and bicycle drivers, workers in dark light, etc.

Western countries basically need to meet EN20471/ANSI 107 level two. 

The more popular styles in North American countries are: one horizontal and two vertical styles, two horizontal and two vertical zipper styles, two horizontal and two vertical velcro styles, and one horizontal. Two vertical (warning belt type), separated from five styles.

The colors are mostly fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange. 

The shoulders need a reflective tape of at least 15cm. The styles of reflective vests in the Canadian market are basically similar to those in the US market. 

The most obvious difference is that the reflective fabrics on the back of the reflective vests in the Canadian market need to be crossed. 

The use of the back cross is to remind other people or drivers to distinguish whether the wearer in front is like you or the back is facing you, which can be a good warning reminder. 

The five separate reflective vests have Velcro on the shoulders, side seams, and access control, which play a bonding role.

If the wearer encounters danger during use or the clothes hang on a fixed object, they can quickly escape. Some vest styles in Europe and other regions are two horizontal, two vertical and two vertical to the chest, using less zippers and Velcro, more buttons, and the standard basic models have a short front and a long back.

For example, the Russian region prefers to add two patch pockets to the European basic vest.

The temperature in Southeast Asia is relatively hot and humid. The material of the reflective vest is mainly breathable and comfortable mesh. 

Compared with adding reflective strips on the vest, it prefers to use a lattice instead, but it is mostly not up to the standard, which is suitable for customers with very low price requirements.

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