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What Is Reflective Fabric?

What Is Reflective Fabric?

Reflective fabric is a kind of cloth that is used for clothing marking,  its application looks like the common fabric for clothing, but the reflective fabric has retroreflective features, can reflect the lighting from original light, to enhance the visibility of someone who wears the reflective clothing. 

Thus the reflective fabric is mainly used for safety clothing, also used for casual garments, and fashionable clothing in recent years.

Why has reflective feature for reflective fabric 

The retroreflective feature is coming from the micro glass beads on the surface of the based fabric. According to the different requirements of different applications, the intensity of the reflection is different. For the details, you can visit my other blog: How does reflective material work.

For example, fireproof reflective tape for firefighters has a high requirement of intensity reflection and fireproof features; then safety uniform for traffic police has a lower requirement than the fireproof retroreflective tapes; the reflective fabric for casual clothing will have lower requirement than those applications as upon. 

Maybe you want to know details, please visit my other blog: the requirements of fireproof reflective fabric for firefighters

Applications of Reflective Fabric

Worker clothing

In terms of the reflective feature in the dark environment, the reflective fabrics are always applied for safety clothing, uniform, traffic worker clothing such as safety workwear which is used for someone work a dark environment or construction.

Worker safety clothing is always used for someone who works in poor light situations, made as fire clothing, safety raincoat, work clothing applied for some workers such as following lists:

  • Firefighter
  • Traffic office
  • Construction worker
  • Sanitation worker
  • Coal miner
  • Railroad worker

Safety Clothing in daily life

With the vehicle coming into every family, even two or more cars in one family, the traffic safety of children, pets, and night runners need to pay more attention. 

Thus the reflective fabric gets more varied, developing more and more colors, and designs, even used for casual garments.

So the reflective fabric has wide applications for someone who is easy to be ignored in the traffic.

  • Kids
  • Dog, cat
  • Sports runner at night
  • Bicycler at night

Fashion Clothing

The reflective fabric is only sliver color in the past, mainly used for making safety clothing for special people. For now, the reflective fabric not only has silver, orange, pink, blue, yellow, green colors, but also has patterns on the retroreflective fabric such as dot reflective fabric, reflective stripe fabric, and Mesh reflective fabric, etc.
The more and more selections of retro-reflective fabric open the door into the fashion garments, many designers from big cloth brands begin to add the reflective element into the fashion cloth as below;
  • Safety T-shirt
  • Safety pants
  • Bodysuit
  • Down jacket
  • Reflective jacket
  • Reflective bag
  • Reflective shoes
  • Reflective hat

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