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What Is Reflective Sheeting?

 What is reflective sheeting?

The reflective sheeting film is mainly used to keep traffic safe, with reflective features and self-adhesive side, can be used for screen print, digital print, UV print, plotter cut, and hot stamping, embossing. 

traffic cones

Reflective sheeting is different from a reflective fabric, it is mainly applied outdoor. You can see them on the road, construction site, license plate, truck body.

According to the applications, the features of reflective sheeting films can meet various requirements of applications. 

Grades of retroreflective sheeting

Through the high-intensity reflective film and license plate, reflective sheeting can be used for almost all applications, but the cost is too high for some low requirements applications.
Thus the retro-reflective film is divided into four grades to fit the different applications at suitable prices.

Commercial grade reflective sheeting

Commercial grade reflective sheeting
Commercial grade reflective sheeting is a kind of economical retro-reflective film, mainly used for temporary traffic signs, outdoor advertisement signs, construction zone signs, reflective car decals, etc. 
The light intensity of the commercial-grade retro-reflective film is about 10CIL/m² -25CIL/m².
Generally speaking, the commercial-grade reflective sheeting is used for the low requirement for intensity, can be used for personal reflective decals, signs, temporary signs only for several days, not long time usage.

Engineer grade reflective sheeting

The light intensity of the engineer-grade retro-reflective film is about 30CIL/m² -80CIL/m².
Engineer grade reflective sheeting
The engineer grade reflective film has higher light intensity than commercial grade reflective film, also used for temporary traffic signage, traffic cones, street signs etc.
The applications of engineer grade reflective sheeting are some road safety not so much human traffic, generally made as traffic cones, barricade signs, street sign, cheveron signs, cautionary signs, mandatory signs etc.

High-intensity reflective sheeting

High-intensity reflective sheeting
The same as the name, the high intensity reflective sheeting has high light intensity parameter, can reflect much strong light into original lighting in same directly. 
The light intensity of the high intensity retro-reflective film is more than 200CIL/m².
The high intensity reflective film is used for highway road, street signs, traffic cones, seems like the engineer grade reflective sheeting, but the high-intensity reflective film is used for some street which has high-speed vehicles, or high human traffic road.

License plate grade reflective sheeting 

License plate grade reflective sheeting

License plate grade reflective sheeting is used for the number plate, motor plate, license plate, which asked that the reflective feature can show the car number clear at night, no need for high reflective feature. 

The license plate grade reflective sheeting for the license plate should have one or serval features of hot stamping, embossing, chromaticity printing, laser/thermal printing and digital printing. 

For example, the embossing type plate asks the reflective sheeting film can be hot stamping, embossing. And the digital printing type plate asks for both digital printing and embossing features.

Totally, the license plate reflective film has many types that meet different requirements according to the different countries. 


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