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Why Hydro Dipping Gone Wrong?


Why Hydro Dipping Gone Wrong?

I think many people who want to work in hydro dipping experienced dipping failure problems. Seems like hydro dipping is not easy as the video, just put the items into the water through the film, then hydro dipping is finished. Now I will show you why your hydro dipping goes wrong.

1. why hydro dipping video shows easy hydro dipping

In the video, We always see these steps as below, simple hydro dipping kits, spray activator, dipped speed shape, and then the design is attached on the surface of speed shape. Why looks so easy but actually do not.
Because the speed shape is ABS material, and this ABS plastic is the ideal material for hydro dipping, can save the painting, drying such steps, so such a simple hydro dipping process is only for ABS material. ABS plastic is also the best material for hydro dipping video making, which can attract more and more people who want to do a good business.
In fact, the real hydro dipping process for other material has more steps than this hydrogrpahic process as below:

2. Why hydro dipping went wrong even you already followed the hydro dipping process 

Let’s see the hydrographic printing steps again, and analyze the problems.
  • Clean the article surface first: The first step almost is no problem, most people know how to clean the items which you want to dip.
  •  Spray primer paint: Before this step, you need to check the material of your items from your supplier, or introduction. PE plastic needs PE primer, PP plastic needs PE primer, metal needs texture primer and metal also needs drying out.      If you choose a kind of the wrong primer as base painting for your product, this primer will not attach closely on the surface of item, even fall off from the surface. And the metal rim needs to dry out under the high temperature, needs dry oven equipment.
  • Dry: Some items can be dried out by nature, some material needs drying machine. If the drying time is too short, the material will be blistering or cracking after the topcoat is applied.
  • Dip tank: About hydro dipping, you need to pay attention to the following ways:

 Selection of dip tank: The dip tank needs to be stainless material such so hard material, can’t deform under the high water press function when you hydro dipping big items by dip tank.  If your items are small volume products, you can choose other replacements for the hydro dip tank, as long as you can ensure no deformation or less deformation.  

The deformation of the hydro dipping container will affect the design of the hydro dipping film, then dip a deformed design on the item surface.

Waiting time of hydro dipping film dissolving: 

When the hydro dipping film dissolves in the water, you can dip the item through the film. Generally, the time is 30 seconds. 
If the dissolving time is less, then the design will have wrinkles on the surface.
If the dissolving time is more, then the design will be blurred on the surface.
Activator Spraying:  This step is very important, I think someone who has painting experience can do this step well. If you are not, you can ask someone who has painting experience to adjust the press of your spray gun, or you can try to adjust the press of your spray gun, to ensure the spraying activator is fog status and also with a wide spraying range. And spraying the activator evenly. 
Anyway, I suggest you prepare some hydro dip sheets and test several times for these steps until you can do it well. Come on!!!  If you spray the activator unevenly, or you spray the activator more or less, your hydro dipping will go wrong, the final expression will be:  

 Too much activator: the design will flow on the surface.
 Less activator: There are blisters on the surface.
Over fast evaporation of activator: The design is not printed on the surface completely.
uneven activator spraying: The design is not printed on the surface completely.
Washing: no;

Spray Gloss painting: Choose topcoat according to the product material. 
Anyway, if you want to work in the hydro dipping business, the best and fast way is to accept hydro dipping training, and if you have painting experience, you can do it well after you try several times. 
Best wishes for all hydro dipping owner and someone who are walking on the way.


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