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Why Hydro Dipping?

 Hydro dipping is also named water transfer printing, because you can print your daily necessaries via water, it is an amazing printing process.

Put the hydrographic film on the water, spray activator, then put your item through the film on the water.

Woo, your daily necessaries will become a higher value beautiful items like below:

Daily necessaries hydro dipping
The hydrographic film is sealed by sqm, and the preparation of hydrographic is very simple: water transfer printing film, water, activator. 
It seems no much cost for this dipping, so hydro dipping industry attracts many people to do this business, with cheaper cost but high response rate.
Hydro dipping can be used for almost all material in our life, contains almost all of the industry, I will show you typical dipped products here, you will find the hydro dipping is amazing, which decorates your life colorfully.

Hydro Dip Cups:


I like this marble sky bottle, it is a happy pattern.
These are basic necessaries for our life, hydro dipping comes into our common life, makes our life beautiful!
Hydro Dip Shoes:
This ladies high heels with flower hydro dip pattern look more elegant.

Hydro Dip Toys:

These guns with popular camo hydro dipping

Hydro dip scooter

The toy guns are always popular with military camo, antler hunting, etc. You can dip them by yourself even at home. I think many children will like them.

Motorcycle hydro dip:

Hydro dip rims are very suitable for this motorcycle color, looks very cool.  I think motorcyclists will like this one.

Hydro Dip Car Parts:

The peach wood pattern is dipped on the car dashboard and car steer, they look higher advanced, isn’t it?

Artwork  Hydro Dipping:

It is amazing for me, that hydro dipping can print on the cement material. Here show you images.
This is the cement artwork before hydro dipping.

Dipped cement artwork

The dipped cement material artwork is a good ornaments for the house decoration.

Hydro dip household items:

Hydro dipping for the household can decorate our life beautiful.

Toilet Wood Hydro dipping

If you want a personalized, I recommend hydro dipping, excellent effect, easy to achieve.

washbasin hydro dipping

I am considering hydro dipping do some finishes pattern on the floor of toilet, I think it is wonderful, hahaha….

window frame hydro dipping
From the above hydro dipping items, we can see the hydro dipping comes into our lives, it comes into many businesses, furniture, car, bike, cups, etc, suitable for anyone.
You can do the hydro dipping by yourself, just one person is enough to do it.
So you still don’t know why hydro dipping? 


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