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How is Hydro Dipping Film Made?

 How is Hydro Dipping Film Made?

If you’ve ever wondered how hydro dipping film is made, read this. First, let’s discuss some basic supplies. These include Water transfer paper, PVA film, Activator, and Spray paint. We’ll also cover what to expect when you use hydro dipping films. After you’ve learned about these supplies, you’ll be ready to start your own hydro-dipping project. This article will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Water transfer paper

Water transfer printing uses a water-soluble graphic film and a tub of water. A water-transfer printer can do this process at home with inexpensive supplies. First, lay the hydrographic film on a grease-free object and dip it in the water. Once it is saturated, the ink floats on the surface and transfers the image to the object. Once dry, the object can be trimmed to shape.

After the water-soluble design ink has dried, the printing film is applied with an activator. This chemical is essential for the hydro-dipping process. It liquefies the film, allowing the ink to transfer to the object. Care must be taken to spray the correct amount of activator. Too much or too little activator can make the transfer process less than successful. Finally, the object is sprayed with a clear coating to seal in the design and protect it from damage.

PVA film

A PVA hydrographic film is a high-quality water-soluble material that can be used to print a graphics image on a variety of items. The film is printed on a large roll of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) material. As PVA is water-soluble, it breaks down when floated in water. Once the film is activated by spraying an activator chemical, it is ready to be placed into a dipping tank.

This process is also known as immersion printing, or water transfer printing. The technology is used to transfer graphics to three-dimensional objects such as plastic and metal. While hydro dipping is often used in the automotive industry, it is also widely used for other products, such as gaming controllers, ATVs, and firearms. Because PVA films adhere so well to different surfaces, they can be applied to almost any surface.


You must use the proper amount of hydro dripping activator for the best results. Too little will not liquefy the film. Too much will cause the ink to spread and not adhere to the item. It is crucial to follow the correct proportions of each chemical. If you’re using more than what’s recommended, you risk causing serious damage to your project. If you’re not sure how much to use, consult a MDSD chart.

Activator for hydro dipping film is a mixture of chemicals. It softens the paint film and helps it bond with the object. It is an essential component of hydro dipping. Activator for hydro dipping film comes in two different types, A and B. Activator A is used to fix the pigment ink onto the film, while activator B is used to liquefy the film.

Spray paint

If you’re wondering how hydro dipping film is made, you’re in luck. Home-based producers make this type of film using a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film and special inks. This water-soluble film breaks down on the water when it floats and is then coated with an activator chemical to give it the ability to adhere to other surfaces. The water transfer film can then be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising to making beautiful photographs.

The process is not as complex as it might seem. The main difference between this method and other processes is that the clear coat protects the dipped design and gives it the desired finish. When considering the type of finish you want to achieve with your hydro dipping film, you should know that it’s made from automotive grade paint, the same as that on a brand-new car. Depending on the application, different types of paints are used. One example of a high-grade paint used for a protective coating is Cerakote.

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