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How to remove the reflective tape from the vehicle?

 How to remove the reflective tape from the vehicle?

In order to ensure road safety, many countries require reflective conspicuity tape on all semi-trucks and big rigs. Truck reflective tape can reflect the light back to the headlight, enhance the visibility of the trailer, remind drivers to keep away from the truck. Some car owners also make use of this reflective tape on the frame side of their car, to achieve the safety purpose.
But the retro-reflective tape will lose its strong reflection under the weather corrosion for long time. Hence, the truck drivers need to remove the old reflective tape to replace a new one. 
Here I will introduce you to how to remove reflective from vehicles.
The best way is high temperature. Higher temperatures can melt the adhesive and lose its stickiness, so it can be easily removed:
Thus, before removing the car reflective stickers, we need to prepare a high-power hair dryer and a power inverter, so that those reflective tape and left adhesive can be easily removed, but the high temperature time should not be too long, and it can be controlled in a short time. 
The detailed steps as below:
1. Before removing the car reflective sticker, first clean the vehicle, wipe it clean and then remove it, which is helpful to find the residual glue around the sticker. The water after cleaning will bring us unnecessary trouble and must be cleaned;
2. After cleaning and wiping, use a hair dryer to heat it. You can use a hot: air duct dedicated to the anti-riot film. After blowing a certain corner, lift up the patch with a rubber scraper, pull it gently, and then use hot air to align the sticker and the The connection of the body, while blowing and pulling, can be pulled down slowly and successfully;
3. If there is residual reflective sticker adhesive after tearing it off, spray the adhesive remover by hand and spray it on the residual adhesive. After the adhesive is melted, it can be wiped with a rag directly. Glue removers are available in car beauty stores or car brush yards.
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