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How to Start Your Hydro Dipping Business In Small Budget?

 How to Start Your Hydro Dipping Business In Small Budget?

Due to the Covid-19, many people don’t work for a company, and lost the economy incoming. Or stay at home for a long time, want to do business to make more money, but no good idea and no enough money to start a business. How to make money is a tricky question. 

Here I will introduce you “hydro dipping business”. It is a business no need more budget and even can be done at home or space place, suitable for someone who wants to do business but only small budget and no good skill. 
Following is the steps to start your hydro dipping business in a small budget:

Step 1: Order hydro dipping sheets and ABS speed shape from an online shop or your local shop

Before you purchase the all hydro dipping kit, I suggest you ask for some samples from the supplier or investigate whether has a hydro dipping film at your local place, you can order a small sheet from your local place and a little activator B. It is cost-effective when you only need a small quantity, because the liquid shipping cost is very high from other countries.
Of course, order a sample from the online shop is also good, but it will waste more time. As we know, some online shops provide free shipping service, but it must be a very very slow shipment, if you decide to order from the online shop, you need to check the shipping time with the supplier.

Step 2: Learn how to painting evenly

Spraying activator on the surface of hydro dip film is an important step of hydro dipping process, and almost 90% hydro dipping failure is relative with this step – spaying activator.
Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to painting evenly. If you have painting experience, you can get more help from this skill when you spray activator, if not, you need to learn it well by keeping practicing. 

Step 3: Hydro dipping the Designs on ABS speed shape as a showcase

ABS speed shape is a kind of plastic material model, it is very suitable for the hydro dipping showcase, because before you hydro dip a design on the ABS material, you don’t need to apply based painting on the ABS. 
ABS can save your time to do hydro dipping, and also can show your design for your customers. But you must remember to supply gloss paint on the hydro dipped ABS, gloss paint can protect the design on the ABS for a long time, resists wet air, dirty, etc.

Step 4:  Promote your showcase and hydro dipping effect to your social media

After you have a lot of printed ABS, you can hydro dipping them as a display for your customers in the future, but now you need to promote your business and let them know you are doing this business, and social media is a good idea to introduce your business, absorb more people.

Step 5: Try to hydro dip ABS material product to start your business

ABS is the easiest material to do hydro dipping, you can dip some ABS products firstly to start your business, like guns, shoes, cups, etc, looking for ABS plastic products firstly.
Military camouflage gun is very popular.

Step 6: Try to do other material hydro dipping

Hydro dipping can be used for almost any material, you can try to dip some products according to your country, glass, metal, ceramic, etc, different material needs different based painting, then you can do dip design on the products for better viscosity. 
If you develop to this step, I think you may have more budget for this business, you need to order more hydro dipping films, and pay attention to looking for some hydro dipping film factory, or professional hydro dipping supplier, who can provide you some hydro dipping skill guide. This kind of hydrographic film supplier can help you a lot, provide you many extra dipping services, and it would be free. 
Finally, hope you can find a good way to make more money under the effect of Covid-19, and get richer and richer. 
If you feel well about my article, please give me a favor. If you have more questions about hydro dipping, please leave your message under the article, I will reply to you or write a new article to answer your question.


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