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The principle of 3M reflective material

The principle of 3M reflective material

The 3M reflective material products are around our life, you can find them everywhere in the poor lighting environment, such as reflective raincoats, safety vests, reflective shoes, reflective helmets, etc. 

All of them show high brighter visibility than their surroundings, do you know why it is so eye-catching in the poor light situation? I will show you the principle of 3M reflective material in the following.

3M reflective material is based on the principle of light retroreflection. In order to ensure the reflected light can reflect in the same direction as the incident light, 3M reflective material makes use of the (miro glass beads)/(miro prism) to control the path of reflected light. 

Miro glass beads

Miro prism

Miro glass beads and miro prism on the surface of reflective material can collect the incident lights and refect them into the same direction, even the angle of incident light has a big change so that the 3M reflective material can enhance the visibility of people who wear it, can significantly improve the recognizability of human bodies and objects in a dark environment, keep the safety of people and objects. 

3M reflective material has the advantages of high reflective intensity, good durability, and stable quality. 

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