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Things You Need To Pay Attention In Bulk Water Transfer Printing Processing?

1. Storage conditions of WTP film

The transfer WTP film must be kept at a room temperature of about 25 degrees, with humidity below 70%, and cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.  

2. Water Temperature

The water temperature of the hydro dip tank is kept between 25-30 degrees, with a constant temperature dipping tank to do transfer processing, the water surface should be kept in the overflow state. 

3. Always keep the water clean  

The water surface should be kept clean and free of activator residues and other impurities from the impregnating film. You should always keep the water clean so that the items to be hydro-dipped are well dipped in the following process. 

4. Laying down the WTP Film should in a slightly oblique angle

The hydrographic dipping film should be placed flat on the water surface at a slightly oblique angle so that no air bubbles are formed between the hydrodynamic dipping film and the water surface.

In this process, please pay attention to the hydro dipping film can not be put back.  

5. Dissolution time of the hydro dip film

The temperature of the water used to dissolve the film is generally between 25-30 degrees, and it takes about 1 minute for its dissolution.  

6. Clean the surface of the product ready

Spray the activator onto the surface of your product before you apply it. This will ensure that there are no dirt particles on its surface and thus affect the appearance.

7. Adjust the spray gun

When the gun is held 25-30cm from the surface of the water, adjust its air pressure so that a fine mist forms when you pull back on the trigger. Stay consistent with your movements and keep a steady pace across to swath.

Generally speaking, it takes about one minute for the hydro dipping film to dissolve after spraying the activator, at which point the ink on the paper will leave the based film, flat and expand open on the water, then you can dip the item now.

8. Choose the right angle of water based on the shape of the object

When hydro dipping, you should observe the shape and design of the object before choosing an angle at which to immerse it in water. The generally recommended angle for this process is 45 degrees.

9. Shake the item for 2-3 sceonds in water after dipping

After the dipping the object, do not immediately take out the dipped product from water, it should be shaken in the water for 2-3 seconds, which can increase the time of the transfer object bonded to the grain pattern.

10. Dry out the dipped product before into oven

After rising, the dipped product should be air dried and then placed in an oven to finish drying.

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