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What equipment do you need for hydro dipping?

What equipment do you need for hydro dipping?

Hydro dipping is a good business for anyone, has the advantages of easy to operate, cheap cost, an attractive business model, and high profits. If you want to do a hydro dipping service factory, what equipment do you need?

1.Spray gun and a compressor

Everyone who works on hydro dipping will know that spray gun and a compressor is important hydro dipping kit during the water transfer printing process.

You need to pour off the liquid activator into the spray gun bottle, and then adjust the valve until spraying the soft even activator water fog, and the spray gun needs to equip with the compressor together.

Function: Spray even activator on the water transfer printing film to dissolving the hydrographic film, then the ink design will expend on the water surface, you can dip the item through the film on water.

This is the dipping video:

2. Hydro Dipping Tank

As a key piece of equipment for hydro dipping, the hydro dipping tank plays an important role during the water transfer printing process, its functions can make hydro dipping easier.

hydro dip tank

Hydro dipping tank on the market must have these basic functions:

a. Heating function: 

Hydro dipping tank has one or two or more heating tubes at the bottom of the container, to heating the water at a suitable temperature for hydro dipping, 25 degrees to 38 degrees.

b. Washing System:

 Hydro dipping tank costs 700usd – 80000usd per pcs, so it must release labor, let us do less work for hydro dipping, it must have washing function to wash the hydro dipping dirty from films, like some side of design not dipped on our products, some films dirty. It is boring and fretful to remove these dirty by hands.

c. Water Recirculation:

 Hydro dipping needs to do with water, if we hydro dipping in the container for hydro dipping, and the whole water in the container will be dirt after servers time hydro dipping, then we need to change the water, this step will waste long long time for us, so the water recirculation and washing system show their advantages now.

Other functions: 

auto leaving the film, auto spraying activator, auto dipping, all of these are available, but the cost will be more, if your budget is not enough, I think the three functions are enough for a small hydro dipping business. Of course, all of these three functions is also can be done by ourselves, you need to choose the time or cost by yourself.

3. Spray Booth

spray booth
Painting for helmet

Water transfer printing can be used for almost any materials, but you need to apply the based paint on the surface before hydro dipping except ABS material.

Thus spray booth shows its importance during the hydro dipping process, it can absorb the painting fog and smell into the water, clean your painting environment, and I also suggest you wear a 3M master when painting, you will thanks me for this suggestion when you painting, hahaha…

4. Rinse Tank

rinse tank & water jets

The rinse tank is used for washing the dipped products in big quantity once.
Generally, the rinse tank has many water jet, spray cool fog water, or heat fog water to clean the small dipped products. The rinse tank has a square shape and tunnel shape on the market, you can choose the suitable one for yourself.

Of course, if your product is a big volume part, you can wash it by yourself.

5. Drying Equipment

Hydro dipping drying equipment is used for drying out the dipped items, there are two steps of drying during the water transfer printing process as below:

From the steps of hydro dipping, you can see the drying steps are important for hydro dipping, especially for metal material such different to paint oil primer. The dipped effect will be better after painting, if possible, you can get one drying machine for your hydro dipping business.

Finally, the types of equipment for hydro dipping are: spray gun, compressor, hydro dip tank, spray booth, rinse tank and drying oven.


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