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What Is Car Color Changing Film?

What Is Car Color Changing Film?

 Car color-changing film is also called car wrap, is a kind of stretchable plastic vinyl wrap for car body, can change the color of the car body, makes your car look like a new one, and change a new style at small budget.

Therefore, car body wrap is very popular in the car changing market, almost you can get the car coloring changing service at any car wrap shop or auto repair shop.

The material of car color changing film

The common materials of car wrap include three types: PVC, TUP, Vinyl.


PVC material has an excellent hard feature that can protect the car body when the collision, this is the main reason to choose this PVC material as the raw material of the color-changing film.

But as time goes by, the quality of the color-changing film will get weak under the exposure to sunshine and rain. So you also need to maintain your car body after wrapping a color-changing film.


TPU material has good weather resistance, can protect the vehicle body well even you driving in an extremely cold or extremely hot zone, and no much damage for itself. 


Actually, vinyl is a kind of material of PVC, thus we also can see some words- PVC vinyl. PVC includes the vinyl material, but vinyl can’t represent the PVC. Vinyl is one of the compounds containing vinyl factors. It is typically highly active, easy to be multi-structured, usually strong, flexible, and shiny

Vinyl is durable, flexible, and easy to use, and has more different colors and surface treatment options. 

Vinyl film can produce color-changing film products that look as good as high-quality paint, even beyond the true color of high-quality paint. 

When the vinyl film is applied to the exterior of a car, it provides three main benefits. First, protect the original paint surface of the car beyond the color change film of other materials. 

Second, it can handle colors and finishes that automakers can never provide. Including, metal, matte, carbon fiber, and even chrome-plated surface treatment options, and can be combined with any color.

 Third, vinyl film is also easy to care for, it only needs soap and water to clean it. In addition, because vinyl itself is a protective coating, there is no need to apply a clear coat or wax. 

It is also very flexible, and if the vinyl panel is damaged, the color change film can be easily removed and replaced, which is faster and more convenient than repairing paint.

Types of color-changing film

Car body-color film products include: transparent film, metallic film, pearl film, gloss film, matt film, camo film, animal skin film, brush film, chrome film, electro-optical metal film, matt metal film (referred to as matte ice film) )…

Functions of car color changing film

1. Heat insulation and sun protection. The film can block a lot of heat generated by infrared rays.
2. UV protection. The medium-wave and long-wave of ultraviolet rays can penetrate very thick glass, and most of the ultraviolet rays can be blocked by attaching a heat insulation film. Prevent skin damage and reduce the aging of car interiors.
3. Safety and explosion-proof. The base layer of the film is a polyester film, which is very resistant to tearing and breakdown. With the adhesive layer of the film, the strength of the glass after the film can prevent accidental breakage of the glass and damage to the crew.
4. Create a private space. Choosing the right variety, after sticking the film, you can usually not see the inside of the car clearly, but you can see the outside of the car inside the car, retaining privacy and safety.
5. Reduce air conditioning load and save fuel. The loss of refrigeration capacity of air-conditioning can be compensated by attaching heat insulation film, which can instantly reduce the temperature in the car and achieve a certain degree of fuel consumption savings.
6. Increase beauty. According to personal preference, the beautiful car can be personalized through the film.
7. Anti-glare. Reduce accidents caused by glare factors.

Price of color-changing film

Finally, hope this article can help you to choose a suitable film. If you like my article, please follow me, I will update more information about car wrap.
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