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What is digital printing reflective banner fabric?

 What is digital printing reflective banner fabric?

Usually we may see many large advertisements on the street, but few people will know that these are made of reflective sheeting or PVC prismatic digital reflective fabric. Let alone the structure and type of printable digital reflective banner.

The prismatic reflective banner is the cloth-based crystal prismatic, which belongs to micro-prism structure cloth-based reflective materials. PVC prismatic reflective fabric is a new type of spray-paintable reflective advertising material.​​


The reflective banner fabric is made of based mesh cloth and PVC prismatic type. 

The base layer of the mesh cloth has a strong tensile strength, which can be used like ordinary mesh cloth, and can be directly sprayed and installed directly.

Types of Reflective Banner Fabric

The reflective banner fabric is composed of a reflective layer and a base layer of light box cloth. 

According to the difference of its reflective structure, it can be divided into standard reflective material, wide-angle reflective material and gypsophila reflective material.

Standard reflective material

The iconic reflective material is the reflective banner fabric. All quality indicators are excellent and balanced. Because of the outstanding reflective index, it is the product with the largest market demand. 

There are two types of products: cloth backing and adhesive backing.

Wide-angle reflective material 

The wide-angle type reflective material is the digital printing reflective banner, which expands the range of the effective reflection angle and broadens the application field of the reflective material, but the reflective degree is slightly lower than that of the logo type. 

There are two types of products: cloth backing and adhesive backing.

Gypsophila reflective material

The gypsophila-shaped reflective material is the gypsophila spray-painted cloth, which has the effect of twinkling stars when in use, which increases the no-flowering function of the material.

But in contrast, the reflectivity is low, and it is mainly used in streets , shopping malls and shops and other urban environments. 

There are two types of products: cloth backing and adhesive backing.

Instructions for use of reflective banner fabric

Digital reflective banner fabric is suitable for direct printing on inkjet printers (commonly known as large inkjet printers) and outdoor photo printers. 

The reflective effect can be achieved by ordinary solvent-based ink jet printing. For example, the use of finely processed ink can enhance the reflective effect. 

Before printing, please ensure that the surface of the crystal prismatic is clean and free of debris. 

According to the crystal prismatic of reflective material with different thickness, please adjust the height of the nozzle appropriately to avoid rubbing the nozzle. Suitable for solvent-based ink Solvent PVC Ink (commonly known as oil-based ink). 

Specific things to pay attention to are:

1. Do not use the internal photo machine and water-based ink to print. 

The reflective effect can be achieved by ordinary solvent-based ink printing. Such as the use of finely processed ink can enhance the reflective effect. Solvent-based ink Solvent PVC Ink (commonly known as oil-based ink).

2. When using an inkjet printer equipped with a heating and drying device, please appropriately lower the heating temperature and the ink output to avoid abnormal phenomena such as bubbles.​​

3. According to the crystal color grids of different thicknesses, please appropriately increase the height of the print head to avoid rubbing the print head

When using an inkjet printer equipped with a heating and drying device, please appropriately lower the heating temperature and the amount of ink output to avoid bubbles. and other abnormal phenomena. (Bubble phenomenon does not affect reflection and picture effects).

4. After printing, please let it dry for a while before making. 

The drying time depends on the amount of coloring, printing accuracy and environmental humidity. 

The greater the amount of coloring, the higher the printing accuracy, and the greater the ambient humidity, the longer the drying time required.

Before printing, please ensure that the surface of the crystal color grid is clean and free of debris. Do not touch it with your hands directly after printing to avoid leaving imprints.​​

PS: Please pay attention to the possible movement and deviation during the printing process, please use manual monitoring and adjustment.

Properties of Reflective Bannner

1. Compared with ordinary light box inkjet advertising banners, the reflective banner fabric can keep the 24-hour visibility effect of advertising. 

The retroreflective banner has a unique reflective performance. 

In the case of no built-in light source or external light source at night, it can achieve the same visible effect as the built-in light source or external light source by reflecting the light emitted by the passing vehicle itself. 

Using ordinary inkjet cloth advertisements, only visible advertising effects can be seen during the day, and the visibility at night is extremely low, so it can’t play the role of advertising at all. 

ECO solvent digital printable reflective banner is the same as the ordinary banner fabric during the day. 

But at night, it can reflect the lights from passing vehicles to achieve high-intensity and long-distance visibility, so that the advertisement has the same advertising effect in the day and night. 

Due to the above advantages, the eco-solvent digital printable reflective banner is a substitute for the ordinary light box inkjet fabric. 

2. Compared with auxiliary light source advertisements such as light boxes and external light sources, it is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and has a lower cost of use.

[1] Environmentally friendly

Since the visibility of reflective banner fabric materials depends on the reflection of the light emitted by passing vehicles back to the place where the light source is emitted. 

Vehicles and pedestrians who are on the same side as the light source emission can clearly see the advertisement. 

The retroreflective banner fabric doesn’t need other auxiliary light sources so it does not consume energy while achieving visible effects, so he is more environmentally friendly than lighting ads.

[2] Easy to maintain

Since the reflective banner fabric has no other auxiliary lighting facilities, there is no need for electrical maintenance. 

The reflective banner fabric only needs to maintain it like ordinary inkjet materials. So it is easier to maintain than the advertising material of the auxiliary light source.

[3] Lower cost of use

 Auxiliary light source advertising cloth requires light source facilities and daily power consumption, and the maintenance cost is far greater than the cost of advertising using reflective inkjet banner. 

What’s more, the cost of general advertising accounts for a large proportion of the cost of advertising space rental, and the cost of general advertising materials is less than 10% of the cost of advertising rental. 

Because some advertisements may consider energy consumption and usage costs, the auxiliary light source is generally only turned on until eleven o’clock in the evening, and there is no advertising effect after eleven o’clock. 

The use of inkjet digital printable reflective banner materials can completely ignore these factors, as long as there is a car on the road, the Ads using reflective inkjet printing can be clearly seen.

3. Compared with ordinary reflective materials: it has printability, tensile strength and stronger reflective strength.


The traditional reflective advertising material is generally PET adhesive-backed advertising-grade reflective film. The characteristics of PET determine that it cannot be spray-painted. 

Generally, PET-type advertising-grade reflective film is only used for lettering, which greatly limits the use of reflective materials in advertising. usage of.

The emergence of reflective inkjet materials immediately solved this problem. The surface layer of the reflective inkjet material is a high-face reflective material that can be inkjet printed.

Tensile strength

General advertising-grade reflective materials do not have the tensile properties required for advertising, and can only be used by pasting on the support with the help of other supports such as the PC version.

The bottom layer of the reflective printing cloth is PVC clip mesh, which has the tensile strength of PVC clip mesh, and it can be used like ordinary clip mesh cloth.

Reflective intensity

The typical retroreflection coefficient of white reflective film, the main product of general advertising-grade reflective materials, is 50cd/lx/m2, while the typical retroreflection coefficient of reflective inkjet cloth is above 200 cd/lx/m2. 

The typical value of the retroreflection coefficient of digital printable reflective banner can reach 300 cd/lx/m2. 

The size of the retroreflection coefficient of the reflective material (that is, the brightness in general) determines the visibility of the advertisement at night.

Compared with ordinary advertising-grade reflective material, the prismatic reflective banner has higher visibility at night. 

4. The reflective inkjet material has the unique characteristics of the reflective material to add safety performance to the road.

An advertisement made with reflective inkjet material, which is visible at night like a reflective traffic sign. 

Using reflective inkjet materials as roadside advertisements, passing vehicles can clearly see the outline of the road. 

If there are passing pedestrians, they will also show the outline of the shadow of the person because the retroreflected light is blocked, so that the driver can easier to identify pedestrians. So he can give the road higher safety performance. 


Advertising inkjet and road traffic safety supplies. 

The advertising inkjet market is mainly used in: 

Bridge billboards, lamppost flags, road pillar flags, construction site fence advertisements, building construction frame advertisements, Optimus Prime billboards, light boxes, advertising stickers, body advertisements, tree screen advertisements, etc. 

The road traffic safety products market is mainly used in: 

Temporary construction signs, road signs, anti-collision barrels, road cones, body reflective signs, etc.

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