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What Is LED Reflective Safety Vest?

What Is LED Reflective Safety Vest?

As the name as you see, the LED reflective safety vest is a reflective safety vest with LED light. The purpose is to make sure the reflective safety vest can illuminate a poor light environment without a light source.

Why LED Reflective Safety Vest?

Reflective Safety Vest

As we all know, reflective vests with lights can expose workers more than general reflective clothing when working at night or in dark places. But the reflective vest can’t illuminate by itself, it reflects the light from the light source, if no light source, the safety vest can’t make your visibility a poor light situation. 

Enhance, if you want the reflective vest to keep your visibility as you want, the LED lights inner the reflective safety vest can achieve your idea.

LED Reflective Safety Vest

There are 16 small LED lights between the reflective strips on the chest of the vest, and there is a master switch in the vest, which can control the lights to flash quickly, slowly, always on and off. 


Compared with the old safety vest, the new LED reflective vest is brightly colored, and the reflective tape is wider than the previous one, making it more conspicuous in dim light, increasing the safety factor for snow clearing operations.

 The full reflective clothing is made of high-visibility reflective material. 

In addition, there is a battery system to ensure that the flashing lights flash long, flash, etc., which can enable construction workers, sanitation workers, construction workers, traffic police, or police officers at night or in special weather conditions On duty smoothly, thereby reducing unnecessary casualties. 

In many countries, it is an auto accessory, which is mainly used for the driver to get off the car wearing a safety vest to check or repair when the car breaks down.  It is also a gift from some car companies to customers who buy a car, hoping that their cust will be safe. It plays a special security role in human production and life, especially in traffic engineering. 


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