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What Is Safety Sign?

 What Is Safety Sign?

Safety signs are an essential part of any industrial environment, and if not used correctly can put workers and others at risk. The most common standards for industrial safety signs are ANSI and OSHA. It is important to comply with these regulations and standards for your safety sign. The following are some examples of common safety signs. You can learn more about the different types of safety signs and their use in industrial settings. These signs are designed to prevent injuries and protect workers.

A safety sign must be readable and easy to understand. The lettering must be as large as possible to be readable from a safe distance. ANSI has specific guidelines for the size and lettering of safety signs. This general reference material is often out of date, so it is important to check with your legal counsel for specific compliance requirements. For example, the size of a directional sign is determined by the height of the building, and the distance between the sign and the nearest exit is 10 feet.

The wording on a safety sign should be simple and easy to understand. The lettering of a safety sign must be legible to a person with normal vision and correction. If a person is blind or has poor eyesight, the lettering should be larger than the capital letters of the sign. A general safety message, on the other hand, should cover a wide variety of subjects. It could be health, sanitation, first aid, etc.

The design of a safety sign should be appropriate for the workplace. It should be legible to workers. A large number of signs in one area will distract them. A small number of safety signs placed at multiple locations in the workplace is not recommended as workers are more likely to miss them. Also, safety signs are only effective if all workers understand their meaning. It is essential to hold periodic refresher training for your workers so that they can recognize the symbols on the signs.

In addition to the physical appearance of a safety sign, it should be easy to read. In order to make the message understandable to employees, the wording of a safety sign should be legible. ANSI Z535.2-2011 (R2017) stipulates that the lettering should be large enough for people to see clearly. For instance, the signal word must be at least 50% larger than the capital H. The sign should also be easy to read, and be readable from a distance.

The visual design of a safety sign is important for both the safety of the workers and the environment. While some signs are easily understood, others may require an interpreter. A good example of a safety symbol is a triangle. It shows that the worker should avoid contact with the hazardous substance. A hazard is a triangle with a cross in its center. It indicates a sharp point in the ground, and should not be approached.


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