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Where to Buy Fire Retardant Thread

 Where to Buy Fire Retardant Thread

Are you wondering where to buy fire retardant thread? There are many places that sell this type of thread, but not all of them are created equal. Among the most popular types are Nomex, Kevlar, and Brildor, which are known for their exceptional flame resistance. Before making a purchase, consider a few things when making this type of thread. First, be sure to check the material’s chemical composition. Kevlar is the most commonly used, so it’s probably the best choice.


Nomex is a name for a brand of fire retardant thread, made from specially designed fibers. This type of thread has excellent flame resistance, abrasion resistance, and strength, making it an excellent choice for protective clothing and other uses where high-temperatures are critical. The Nomex fire retardant threads we use are made from Du Pont’s Nomex(r) branded fibres.

Cotton, polyester, nylon, and other types of fabric can be made flame-retardant. But these types of fabrics have a low flame spread and are not as soft as Nomex fire retardant thread. In addition to this, they are designed to self-extinguish after exposure to flame. In order to make the product fire-retardant, Nomex thread is tested in a specific sewing fabric and seam construction, which makes it impossible to test the thread on its own.

Dupont Nomex fire-retardant threads are a type of synthetic fiber that have been designed specifically for the embroidered garments of people in risky environments. Because they are flame-retardant and don’t melt or drip, Nomex threads are an excellent choice for flame-resistant apparel and safety gear. Fire-resistant threads are available in a range of colors and patterns.


When it comes to flame-retardant thread, Kevlar is the most common choice. This fire-retardant thread is made from Kevlar or Nomex thread, which are both highly resistant to heat and flames. Companies offering Kevlar thread are dedicated to providing the best products at the best prices, while offering unmatched customer support and partnerships. Here’s a look at some of their benefits.

First, Kevlar(r) sewing thread is extremely strong and resistant to heat and chemicals. It has the highest specific strength of any commercial fibre and breaks down progressively, rather than catastrophically. Second, Kevlar thread is lightweight, with a strength-to-weight ratio five times greater than steel. And, last, but certainly not least, Kevlar thread is fire-retardant and resistant to wear and tear.

Second, Kevlar fire-retardant threads can be more breathable. These are better suited to clothing. Cotton threads burn slowly, while polyester threads may even self-extinguish. Kevlar threads can be a more comfortable choice for your sewing machine. However, before you invest in Kevlar fire-retardant thread, it is important to know how these threads perform in fire.


Fire retardant polyester thread is an excellent choice for home sewing projects. Unlike other fire-retardant threads, Brildor FR is treated in the spinning process, meaning it won’t wear off or fade over time. It is also available in a wide range of colours, including fluorescent shades. And, because of its ISO 9001 accreditation, Brildor FR is safe for use in household products.

Flame-retardant thread can be both heat and fire-resistant. The thread is heat resistant because heat cannot pass through it as easily as metal. But nylon and polyester will melt before Nomex(r), which is flame-resistant. The chemical make-up of the thread determines whether it’s heat-retardant or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to select the thread that’s right for your project.

The flame-retardant properties of Kingbird fire-resistant thread make it ideal for many industrial and home applications. This high-tech thread is resistant to temperatures up to 700F, and maintains chemical and physical properties throughout. In fact, it’s so resistant to heat that it can even be used for embroidering logos onto fire-retardant garments. Unlike many other fire-resistant threads, Kingbird fire-retardant threads are 2.5 times stronger than nylon, and come in a variety of colors.

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