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Where to Buy PVC Edge Banding?

 Where to Buy PVC Edge Banding

If you’re looking for a durable and high-quality edge banding material, look no further than PVC. Its original raw material, PVC, is a high-quality, thermally resilient thermoplastic with impact-resistant characteristics. 

You can find more detailed information on product characteristics by referring to the technical data sheet. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular brands in the market, including Doellken and JSO Wood Products.

JSO Wood Products

If you’re looking for a reputable wood edge banding supplier, consider JSO Wood Products. This company has been serving the woodworking community since 1995. Their products include wood veneer, double-sided PSA tapes, and wood edge banding tools. 

The company also offers wood veneer sheets for under $100 in Louisville. For the best customer service and quick delivery, JSO is the company to contact. They offer a variety of services for wood veneer sheet needs, from general furniture manufacturing to aircraft interior design.

Choosing the right type of edge banding is essential when you are installing your new furniture. While some edge banding is pre-glued and others are acrylic, there are a variety of styles and thicknesses available to fit your needs. 

Make sure to choose the right one for your furniture’s finish and material. You can save up to 50% when you use JSO Wood Products pvc edge banding. You’ll also save money with JSO Wood Products’ low prices on edge banding for cabinets and furniture.


Doellken PVC Edgebanding is extruded from a solid color polymer that provides a uniform surface and enables clean rounding of edges. This material is also highly impact-resistant, ensuring the longevity of milling tools. 

Doellken PVC Edgebanding is available in a variety of color combinations and is suitable for use with solvent-based adhesives and hot melt glues.

The PVC Edge Banding market report covers detailed information on the global, regional, and country-level markets. 

It also examines the competitive landscape and the latest development in the market. The report includes an analysis of the factors influencing the market, including market size and growth prospects. In addition, the report provides an insight into the latest developments and strategies for the industry. It also features an in-depth SWOT analysis for the PVC Edge Banding market.

Wood Veneer

Where to buy wood veneer edge banding? Edgebanding rolls come in half-inch and fifty-foot widths and are glued and finely sanded. They can be applied by hand or with an edgebander machine. 

When installing wood veneer, you will want to make sure that the edgebanding is applied evenly. For best results, use a wood veneer edgebanding machine. Alternatively, you can purchase wood veneer edgebanding rolls that come in a precut size.

Some specialty stores may carry specialty edgebanding rolls made from rare wood species. Some of these rolls are UV prefinished, end grain edgebanding, rough sawn cut grain edgebanding, or laminated burl veneer edgebanding. 

You can even purchase edgebanding that is specifically designed to match natural wood boards, such as teak, sapele, or okoume. If you can’t find edgebanding rolls, you can make your own with scissors, a veneer saw, Heat Lock glue, and an iron.


Peel-N-Stick PVC edge banding is a popular choice for covering the edges of wood and other materials. This edgebanding is made of a tough inner core of polyethylene and is easily applied with a wood block or roller. 

Once applied, the edge banding can be trimmed to fit any desired size. Strong scissors or utility knives can be used for this process. For a more precise application, use an edge trimmer capable of cutting a single mm of edge banding.

When using Peel-N-Stick PVC edgebanding, make sure you select a product that has an adhesive backing. 

This edgebanding is 0.018″ thick and contains a slight texture. If you are planning to use the banding on 3/4-inch-thick wood, choose the 15/16″ variety, which is thinner and easier to work with than 3/4-inch-thick edgebanding.


When you need PVC edge banding for your project, you can easily find the product you need at a factory price in China. 

The product is available in various thicknesses, from 0.4mm to 0.8mm. This type of edge banding can be applied with an iron, but it is important to note that pre-glued PVC edge banding is not melted by the iron, because it is so thick.

When applying edge banding, it is advisable to use a machine that has a glue compartment and can apply multiple strips at once. 

These edge banding machines range in size from home versions to commercial-grade machines. The machine manufacturers can help you determine what type of glue you need, whether it’s cartridges, pellets, or both. It’s important to buy the correct adhesive for your project and never fill the glue tank to the brim.

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