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Why Double Veneer Wardrobes ?

Why Double Veneer Wardrobes?

Double veneer wardrobes have the same designs’ decorative paper on both sides, not only has the resistance features but also give you a good feel in same design compared with the wardrobes which have wood design outside but white color inside. 

The advantages of double veneer wardrobes

Double veneer wardrobes are made of an artificial board that is pasted with decorative paper on the surface. As the popular furniture for wardrobes, the double veneer wardrobe has its superior advantages as below:

1. Various designs

There are various designs on the surface of the veneer, and the designs are natural, includes wood grain, marble, matte, solid patterns for selections, suitable for kinds of house styles.

2. No need for painting

The double veneer wardrobes are decorated and protected by decorative paper, own smooth and flat surface, no need to paint again to get the better decorative effect, because it already had an excellent decorative effect, and no painting also reduce the pollutions of your room environment.

3.  Good resistances

The bearing capacity, pressure resistance, and deformation resistance of the double veneer panel are particularly good.

4. Durable

The double veneer is composed of an artificial board with two pieces of furniture paper, and the furniture paper is not only decorative paper, but also protects the veneer from water, dirty, scratch, and corrosion, avoids the melamine smell releasing. 
Thus the double veneer has excellent wear resistance, pollution resistance, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance.

5. Eco-friendly.

The production of double veneer takes use of less gule than other boards, it is more eco-friendly.

6. Cost-effective

The double veneer is artificial board, has low cost to produce, with features of the eco-friendly, economical, convenient.

Disadvantages of double veneer wardrobes

1. Simple style

The double veneer wardrobes are installed with pieces of plat veneers so that it doesn’t have more available in the shape, only plat. 

2. Can’t make gong flowers

The double veneer panel can only be directly sealed, cannot be made a gong flower on the side.
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