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Why multifunctional reflective protective clothing?

Why multifunctional reflective protective clothing?

 I believe everyone knows more or less about reflective protective clothing, but when it comes to multi-functional reflective protective clothing, some people may be confused: Does the multifunctional have any special features? Or is it just a few more reflective strips? 

Today, I will take everyone to understand what is multi-functional reflective protective clothing and what it does.  

 General duty reflective vests only have front and back reflections, and the sides cannot reflect light, so they cannot provide good protection for outdoor law enforcement personnel. When they are directing traffic when the front and back are facing the red light, vehicles are prohibited; when standing on the side, motor vehicles pass. 

At this time, the side of the reflective vest cannot reflect light, which will bring safety hazards to the traffic police. The fluorescent yellow of the new reflective protective duty suit is very eye-catching. It also has the performance of warmth and windproof, which improves the safety factor of the traffic police on duty and provides convenience for the past drivers to view the command gestures of the traffic police. 

As the name implies, multifunctional reflective protective clothing refers to the addition of some functions to ordinary reflective clothing, such as handstands, tool pockets, hidden hats, and removable inner tanks. 

When traffic police are on duty outdoors, Wearing a new reflective protective duty suit that integrates functionality and safety can brighten the eyes of pedestrians and drivers, improve the visibility of passers-by and drivers, and facilitate passing drivers to check their command gestures. Security has also been greatly improved.

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