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Why Window Tinting?

As a mobility tool, the car is coming into many families. How to maintain your vehicle is a popular topic all the time. In this way, the window tint film is a protective film for car, which is also important for your car and your safety. Let’s know more about the functions of car vinyl film.

1. UV protection

Many people go out by their vehicle, which makes us stay a long time with our car in a day. If you don’t paste good window tint film for your car window, you will face the strong sunshine directly without any protection and block. As time goes by, your skin will be damaged by the UV in the sunshine. Dry skin and accelerate skin aging. 

About the UV damage to your skin, it will waste your effort for your skincare by skincare products. 

The UV in the sunshine also will cause fading damage to your car interiors, reduce their service life. But the quality window tint film can block the ultraviolet rays up to 99%.

2. Security 

As a driver, most of us have car insurance to reduce the damages of a traffic accident. But the car insurance only can ensure our material loss, the most important thing we need to care about is our personal safety. 

 The quality explosion-proof car window tint film is based on special polyester film, with strong toughness, can stick the glasses firmly when occurs an accidental collision, keep the driver safe.

3. Explosion-proof and anti-theft:  

Window tint film can delay the time for criminals who want to break the window glass, leave more time for drivers to do countermeasures, such as shout for help, alarm, etc. When you shout for help or alarm, the criminal will feel nervous and afraid, then give up to keep going.

4. Anti-glare:

Many car owners have the following experience: When driving in the daytime, they often encounter dazzling glare, and they feel blurred and distracted. 

When driving at night, the strong lights of the oncoming vehicle will produce dazzling glare, which is deeply uncomfortable. When this situation is serious, it can also cause traffic accidents. The anti-glare property of the solar film means that it can effectively reduce the dazzling glare. This creates a good driving vision for riders, relieves driving fatigue, and improves driving safety.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection economy:

Now that oil prices continue to rise, energy conservation and environmental protection have been valued by everyone. 

The window tint film can block most of the heat out of the car, keep you have a suitable driving environment, and save the oil for the car air conditioner. 


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